We are constantly being reminded that the world’s supply of water is waning and that we should all be making an effort to conserve our precious supply.  Here are a few tips that can help us do just that.

Garden Beds

  • Water deeply and less often. This encourages roots to go deep into the soil in search of moisture.
  • Water in the early morning or the evening to prevent loss of water through evaporation.
  • Use soaker hoses or weeper-style hoses that water close to the ground.
  • If you use a traditional sprinkler position it so that you are not watering paved surfaces.
  • Use mulch to keep plants roots cool and moist between waterings, eg. Bark Mulch, Sea Soil, Mushroom Manure.


  • Water lawns early in the morning to prevent loss of water through evaporation.
  • Water deeply applying about 2.5cm (1″) of water a week.  You can apply this amount of water in about an hour.
  • Keep your lawn mowed high (5-7.6cm [2-3″]).  This helps shade the crown of the grass plants during hot weather.
  • It’s okay to stop watering and let the lawn go dormant in summer.  It will turn brown but will green up quickly once temperatures cool and fall rains begin.
  • Reduce the size of or completely remove the lawn and replace it with more patio or decking.
  • Replace the lawn with low growing plants that can be used as lawn substitutes.

Lawn Substitutes:


Cotoneaster dammeri
Creeping Thymes
Blue Star Creeper
White Star Creeper
Emerald Carpet Creeper


Corsican Mint
Scotch and Irish Moss
Oxalis oregana

Take note:  For a truly easy care, tough, drought tolerant, emerald green lawn plant White Clover.  Perfect for slopes.  Hardly ever needs mowing.

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