The Right Plants

Things to Think About When Choosing Plants

Do some research and make a plan. Without a plan most people buy on impulse, choosing plants simply because they like the looks of them and ending up with a garden that has no sense of design.

Before planting consider whether the soil is rich or poor, soggy or well-drained and if the location is sunny or shady.

Once you have done the above:

  • Choose plants that are suited to local soils and climate.
  • Place plants where they can receive the required light, water, and soil conditions.
  • Place tall growing plants in the background, medium growing plants in the middle and low growing plants in the foreground.
  • Place plants where they will have enough room to grow to their ultimate height and width without interfering with other plants, power lines, roof overhangs and other such impediments.
  • Group plants with similar water, light and soil requirements together. E.g. Lavender, Blue Fescue, Woolly Thyme all prefer full sun and very well-drained soil.
  • Use plants that have staggered blooming seasons and other features (variegated leaves, fall colour, berries, evergreen foliage or interesting bare winter branches) so that the garden has eye appeal in all seasons.
  • If you follow the above suggestions your garden will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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