Maple Leaf Garden Centre carries a comprehensive line of soils and soil amendments to suit every garden. Come in for advice on the appropriate product for your planting needs. Here are some products that we carry.

Planter Box Mix
A perfect mixture of sphagnum peat moss, perlite, pumice & organic compost. Great for container plantings, flower beds and hanging baskets.

Home and Garden Landscaping Soil
A blend of garden loam, peat moss, and organic compost. An ideal soil for all outdoor gardening needs.

Soil Energizer
Energize your existing soil with this organic compost product. A special blend of composted manure (80%), and peat moss (20%) plus bone meal and kelp meal. Mix 1 part Soil Energizer with 3 parts existing soil for best results.

Mushroom Manure & Steer Manure
Well composted, and ready to use to improve your soil. Ideal for yearly mixture into vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, etc…

Landscaping Sand
Can be added to hard packed or highly organic soils to increase drainage, aeration and capillary action.

Peat Moss
Helps to loosen heavy soils, retain moisture and provide winter protection as a mulch.

Drain Rock
Ideal for use in the bottom of planter boxes and containers, improves drainage and reduces stress on roots created by saturated soils.

Bark Mulch
Use as a mulch around established shrubs, to create garden pathways or to improve drainage in heavy soils.

Sterilized Potting Soil
Ideal for potting indoor, tropical and flowering plants. A combination of peat moss, perlite and sand.

Sea Soil
Used for amending old soil in the garden and in containers.  Add 1/4 of organic sea soil to 3/4 of your existing soil or Maple Leaf’s Planter Box Mix.


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