Japanese Beetle update


Due to the recent finding of Japanese Beetle in Vancouver we have been forced to take preventative measures to ensure it does not spread on the NORTH SHORE

The Beetle in its adult phase will consume over 300 different types of plants. It will hitchhike rides on vehicles and plants and is quite resilient. (It can fly up to 8km on its own.)

Due to the severity of this infestation we can no longer accept ANY plant returns.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Japanese beetle—an invasive species—has been found in Vancouver, making it the first time the pest has been detected in BC. The province and its partners are taking action to eradicate the beetle and minimize risk and impact. The beetle feeds on the roots of grass and more than 300 plant species including roses, fruit trees, grapevines, and other landscape and food plants. The Japanese beetle has the potential to severely damage Vancouver’s green spaces and lawns, playing fields, golf courses, and gardens. Japanese beetle is not a risk to human or animal health or food safety.

How Can I Help? »

Report any insects that you suspect could be Japanese beetle to the CFIA: inspection.gc.ca/pests
or 1-800-442-2342   
Do not move or tamper with any of the Japanese beetle traps that you see this summer  
Avoid moving soil, plants with soil, pruning waste and other plant debris from areas where this insect has been reported

Find out more about presentations and information available to you, your organization or strata council For more information on partnerships to manage Japanese beetle and other Japanese beetle-related initiatives, visit bcinvasives.ca/japanesebeetle
- ISCBC British Columbia