April Showers brings May flowers

It has been a slow start to the season, mainly because of Mother Nature.  Warmer temperatures are on the horizon and it is time to get some fresh colour in the ground and on your patio.

We have a large selection of:

  1. Herbs and Vegetables (Organic and non-organic).  We also have fruit trees that would be perfect for a sunny spot in your garden.
  2. Colourful annuals are in stock for your spring/summer Containers and Hanging Baskets.
    We have (just to name a few), Bacopa, Geraniums, Snapdragons, Petunias. Lobelia, etc...
  3. We have a nice selection of shrubs, evergreen and deciduous.  Quite a few of our Evergreen Azaleas are in bloom now.
  4. We also have a large selection of Perennials such as Wholly Thyme,  Lithodora Grace Ward to our shade lovers, such as Astilbe and Hosta.  Come see what we have in stock.


We have two locations to serve you:
1343 Lynn Valley Road, 604-985-1784
2558 Haywood Avenue, 604-922-2613

See you soon!