February Garden Tips

  • Clean up deciduous and evergreen shrubs by cutting off dead, damaged or diseased branches.

  • Remove last year’s flower heads from Hydrangeas by cutting back no farther than 2 sets of fat healthy growth buds from the top of the stems.

  • Lift, divide, and replant late-blooming perennials if desired.

  • Lime lawns using a ‘prilled’ lime like Dolopril.

  • Improve soil in flower beds and vegetable gardens digging in Keefer’s West Coast Soil Energizer, composted manure or your own homemade compost.

  • Hunt for slugs and snails. They will already be chomping on new emerging foliage, especially Primulas, Hosta leaves and Bleeding Hearts.

  • Fruit trees and berry bushes arrive mid-February. Get digging!